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Turning Small Multifamily into Forever Money

Join the conversation as Brandon and Mandy delve into the concept of "forever money" and the importance of mailbox money. Mandy shares her experiences, including the challenges and successes of her six-unit property, and how it became both profitable and headache-inducing. But it's not just about Mandy's story – she's also making a significant impact through coaching and education, helping others navigate the world of real estate investing. In a field where female voices are often lacking, Mandy's blunt and vocal approach is a breath of fresh air. Discover the insights, strategies, and lessons learned from Mandy's journey, from her early days in economics and the Board of Trade to becoming a successful real estate entrepreneur. Don't miss out on this valuable episode that goes beyond the surface, offering real, actionable advice for anyone looking to build wealth through real estate.


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