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Join one of our fast track programs designed to elevate your real estate investment journey. If you're serious about investing in small multifamily (4-50 Units) to become financially free, we have tailored options to enhance your investing skills.

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On Demand Course: Scaling with Small Multifamily

Embark on your real estate investment journey with our self paced course, designed for individuals entering the small multi-family sector with prior investing experience. This online course focuses on small multi-family (4-50 units) buy-and-hold strategies, providing a compelling alternative to syndication. Our goal is to equip you with a clear buy box and a systematic approach to securing your next deal. Included in this transformative experience is our Investing Blueprint and valuable downloadable resources like our deal analysis cheat sheets. Elevate your investment game and gain clarity to know exactly what you are shooting for with this invaluable course for just $1497.

6 Week Underwriting Accelerator

Our 6 Week Underwriting Accelerator offers an immersive experience to solidify your skills and learn to trust your own judgement as a small multi-family investor. This program spans six weeks, with the initial focus on underwriting 4, 20, and 100+ unit deals. The latter half centers on putting into practice this method, giving students the opportunity to do live and active deal underwriting, ensuring participants walk away with the ability to confidently analyze properties with this proprietary underwriting model. The package includes weekly meetings, Voxer access, and entry into a private Facebook group for collaborative learning and networking. Additionally, participants receive the Underwriting Playbook and exclusive graduate pricing for our 6 Month Group Cohort. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your underwriting skills and propel your real estate journey forward with like minded investors. Apply below!

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6 Month Group Cohort

Join our exclusive 6-Month Group Cohort, for experienced investors seeking specialized mentorship in small multifamily real estate who desire to gain clarity around these essential topics: market selection, lending options, deal processes, and effective management for increased cash flow and value. The cohort environment fosters networking opportunities with like-minded investors who are interested in joint venture deals or partnerships, and want to gain insights on scaling their portfolio using these proven methods. Included in this comprehensive package are Voxer access, membership in a private Facebook group for all cohort members and graduates, access to course recordings, lifetime access to the course, and a proprietary underwriting model. Elevate your skills, connect with a network of experienced investors, and learn how to scale your portfolio effectively in 6 months. Secure your spot and unlock the next level of success in small multi-family real estate investing. Apply below!

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