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Workshops for Moms - Parenting Panel

Ever feel like you're juggling a million things at once? 🤹‍♀️ Well, you're not alone! Being a Mompreneur is all about mastering the art of balance amidst the chaos of motherhood and business.

Join us as we get real about the struggles and triumphs of the Mompreneur journey. From managing time ⏰ to handling finances 💰, our panelists share their tips and tricks to navigate it all.

Because let's be honest, behind every picture-perfect Instagram post lies a tale of late nights, multitasking madness, and the occasional hiding spot in the bathroom just to take that important call. 📱💼

But fear not, fellow Mompreneurs! Together, we're creating a supportive community where we can conquer challenges like time management, financial pressures, work-life balance guilt, isolation, and burnout.

Ready to thrive in both motherhood and business? Let's empower each other to succeed! 💪

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